vuShield Security System
  • System StatusTop of page
    Users can view a visual summary of their currently enabled options. Clicking on any Status LED will Enable/Disable the corresponding option. Clicking on any Status Label will open the corresponding configuration page.
  • General SettingsTop of page
    Users have a range of program settings including the option to run the application on Startup, automatically logging into Windows first. Other options include Always ON, Auto-Tiling of multiple instances on Startup, Minimize on Start, Minimize to Tray, Lock on Startup, Lock on Trigger, Notify by SMS/Email on Start/Stop/Connect etc. Users can also choose to enable automatic rebooting of the system at specified times on any day of the week.
  • Universal Hardware SupportTop of page
    The vuShield Security Software uses Direct X software drivers which are available for almost any PC Camera make and model. This includes USB WebCams, Framegrabbers and HDMI devices such as PVRs etc. The vuShield Security Software will automatically detect any currently connected compatible devices and list them in the Camera Options.
  • Multiple CamerasTop of page
    The vuShield Security Software has full support for multiple cameras. Each camera has a complete and independent set of security options including, notifications, playback, scheduling, frame rates etc. The camera views can be automatically tiled on the screen at startup and also manually at any time to allow operators to see all views simultaneously.
  • Programmable RecorderTop of page
    The integrated Programmable Recorder can record images at a user-specified frame rate and save them with millisecond-accurate timestamps. The saved images can be played back in the integrated Video Player. Recorded images can be optionally "pruned" according to age and number. Also, the recorded images folder can be optionally cleared at a user-specified interval. The recorder can also be controlled via any schedule created with the integrated scheduler.
  • Motion Sensitivity GridTop of page
    The Motion Detection Sensitivity Grid can be configured with any number of rows or columns. Each cell can be assigned a sensitivity value from 0 - 9, where 0 will ignore motions and 9 is the most sensitive. This feature allows for different regions of the camera's viewing field to be monitored independently and for selected regions to be ignored.
  • Integrated Video PlayerTop of page
    The powerful integrated Video Player allows you to search very large image repositories by setting the Start and End Dates as well as the Frame Step size, (eg. check every 10th frame). The Video Player can set the playback rate and has a handy trackbar to manually playback an image sequence. In addition the Video Player can perform automatic high speed motion detection searches of stored security footage. This feature is useful when reviewing large recorded image sets for a particular event, (eg. you might search an entire year's worth of recordings to find the exact time your car was stolen).
  • Integrated Security LogTop of page
    The vuShield Security Software maintains a separate log file of all security alerts. This log file may be viewed within the program in the Alert History list. Each entry in the list indicates the date and time of the alert and what actions were taken. If any security images exist for a list item then this will also be indicated and the item may be clicked to automatically load the image sequence into the Video Player. The Alert History is stored in a high performance SQL database which allows sophisticated, (and fast) searches on the stored video data. This includes searching for alerts triggered in particular motion detection grid cells. (This might be useful for theft monitoring of inventory on a shop shelf).
  • Powerful SchedulerTop of page
    The vuShield Security Software provides support for an unlimited number of independent schedules to control the Recorder and Security functions. These schedules are allowed to overlap and can have optional start and end dates. Each schedule can specify a start and stop time as well as selected days of the week. A schedule can specify whether or not to enable the Recorder or Security functions or neither if just a simple monitor mode is required. The user can also specify if a schedule's Start and Stop notifications be sent by SMS and/or email.
  • SMS and MMS MessagingTop of page
    The vuShield Security Software provides comprehensive support for 3rd party SMS and MMS web gateways. Users can specify any number of independently enabled gateways, with each gateway supporting any number of message recipients. A web URL and any number of URL Parameters can be specified for each gateway. A separate message field is also available for each gateway. The message and the parameter fields support the following special strings: "$Time", "$From", "$To", "$Message", "$Id", "$URL", "$Created", "$Expires". These special strings are replaced by their real values when an SMS or MMS alert is generated. The vuShield Security Software is configured by default for the Clickatell SMS/MMS gateway, but it can be used with practically any third party service. URL parameters may also be prefixed with a '#' character to indicate that they should be stored by the program in encrypted format, to provide password security etc. An SMS gateway may also be configured to support MMS (image) messaging and a separate configuration page is available for this where the user can specify where to upload the image to, its size and which image in the sequence to send.
    Note: Technically savvy users may also use the SMS gateway interface to run other web-based services including their own.
  • Email AlertsTop of page
    Security alerts may be sent as emails with attached images to any number of message recipients. The operator can specify whether to send a single image, all of the captured images and/or attach an AVI movie file generated from the captured image sequence. The message field supports the special string, "$Time" which is replaced by the actual timestamp when an Email alert is generated.
  • Upload Security ImagesTop of page
    Security images can be automatically uploaded to the internet via FTP. The remote folder will be automatically created if it doesn't exist. The remote uploaded images folder can be optionally "pruned" according to age and total repository size. The operator can specify whether to upload a single image, all of the captured images and/or an AVI movie file generated from the captured image sequence.
  • Time-Stamped Security ImagesTop of page
    Each camera image is time-stamped to the nearest millisecond. The Video Player and Alert History List identify and group separate image sequences according to their timestamp. The Video Player also uses the image timestamps to achieve precise real-time playback of image sequences.
  • Integrated Context-Sensitive HelpTop of page
    To simplify its operation, the vuShield Security Software provides a comprehensive context-sensitive help system. Users can get help at any time for any item with a single click of the mouse, or by pressing SHIFT and F1 together. Simply click on the context-sensitive help button in the application title bar and then click the item that you require help for. The help documentation is maintained separately and can be updated independently from the application.
  • Integrated Help DeskTop of page
    Users can lodge support requests or post suggestions directly from within the application using the integrated Help Desk interface. Users can also navigate directly from the Help Desk to a dedicated Issue Tracker website to view their personal issue history. All Help Desk requests will generate email notifications to the user whenever a reply is posted or the state of the issue changes, (eg. Open to Closed).
  • Integrated Web Server / View OnlineTop of page
    The vuShield Security Software includes an integrated Web Server which allows users to view and control their security system remotely via any Web browser. Users can set a Username and Password as well as a dedicated network port to prevent unauthorised access. The web interface allows users to view live images refreshed at specified intervals in their browser as well as to control the main functionality of the vuShield Security System.
  • Video Consolidator and ConcentratorTop of page
    The vuShield Security Software can collect data from separate video streams and then re-transmit them as standard JPEG format images over HTTP. This feature allows security system administrators to organise their video feeds into a clean hierarchical structure to facilitate downstream processing. This also allows simplification of IT infrastructure since video feeds from one secure LAN can be presented externally through a single server improving the overall security and reliability of the network. The vuShield Security System can seamlessly accept relayed video feeds from other vuShield installations.
  • Remote Control and ConfigurationTop of page
    Users can bypass third-party firewall restrictions preventing the integrated web server from functioning correctly by controlling and configuring the vuShield Security Software remotely via a Web page. The remote Web page URL can be specified as well as the Update Interval. An integrated Remote Control/Configuration page is available to automatically generate and upload the Remote Control Web page. Users can independently control the Camera, Recorder, Scheduler, SMS and Email notifications and Run Programs. If a user selects a Remote Configuration INI file, then this will also be uploaded and used to configure the vuShield Security Software.
  • Start/Stop/Panic ButtonTop of page
    With the "Start/Stop/Panic Button - Klaxon" hardware option, the vuShield Security Software provides support for an external Start/Stop/Panic Button. In a security emergency, a user can press the Panic Button to send a silent SMS alert, start recording and sound the Klaxon. Users can specify the computer's COM port to connect to and the Button Hold Time.
  • External KlaxonTop of page
    With the "Start/Stop Button - Klaxon" hardware option, the vuShield Security Software provides support for an external Klaxon. Users can specify the computer's COM port to connect to and whether to delay the Klaxon until all other notifications have completed. Users can also optionally enable a Klaxon "Warning" Interval to beep every 3 seconds and remind you to turn off the system if you have inadvertently forgotten.
  • Network MonitoringTop of page
    The vuShield Security Software has HTTP and FTP Proxy Support allowing users to send alerts and uploads from inside a 3rd Party network. Users can also Monitor the Network for outages via Adaptor Check, PING or Web and optionally send Network outage alerts by SMS and/or email.
  • Remote StorageTop of page
    vuShield Security will soon be providing low price remote storage for uploaded security images. Users will be able to purchase a block of storage and will receive a download link to automatically configure their system to use the vuShield Remote Storage.
  • SMS/MMS CreditsTop of page
    vuShield Security will soon be providing low price SMS and MMS credits for use with our Software. Users will be able to purchase a block of credit and will receive a download link to automatically configure their system to use the vuShield SMS/MMS gateway.
  • Portable Security SolutionsTop of page
    vuShield Security will soon be releasing a complete security system solution which features an embedded security controller and a range of hardware accessory options. The system is currently undergoing final testing and should be available early in 2009.
    The optional accessories include:
    • Solar Panel & Regulator
    • USB to Serial Port Converter
    • 10m. USB 2.0 Extension Cable
    • USB 1.1 CAT5 Extender
    • USB 2.0 CAT5 Extender
    • GSM Modem
    • Security Camera (Wired)
    • Security Camera (Wireless)
    • System Assembly and Configuration